Thoni Mara - Premium running clothes

The aim of the cooperation is to increase brand awareness with Facebook Marketing and to increase monthly sales in the DACH region.


The German sports manufacturer thoni mara started its online shop in 2019 in order to build up another sales channel in addition to retail sales. In 2020, thoni mara started working with Chris Dippold, where the focus was on Facebook & Instagram performance marketing. 

Within the first 9 months, sales increased continuously. Compared to the same period of the previous year, sales doubled and numerous new customers were generated.


Sustainable clothing company

thoni mara was born out of a true passion for running. In 2007, the ambitious athlete Christian Schwab became a sports outfitter. The graduate designer created the brand thoni mara from the term "Marathoni" - with the aim of offering a fairly produced, high-quality and extraordinary alternative to the mass production of big labels.

thoni mara has the courage to be different. Different, in terms of design language and appreciation for quality, home, environment and employees.

Generate convincing sales figures

The company tried Google advertising, but the costs were higher than the revenue generated. With a focus on Facebook & Instagram advertising, we were able to significantly increase brand awareness with push marketing and generate numerous new customers.

The result
3.5 Times

more purchases



daverage frequency achieved per person


1.2 Million

reached people 

8.4 Million

reached impressions

“We hired Chris Dippold, an experienced performance marketing expert, to restructure our social media campaigns. The aim was and is to achieve more awareness, reach and, above all, significantly more conversions with professional campaigns.

We can expressly recommend a cooperation!”

Christian Röckelein , Marketing & Sales at thonimara.de

Three steps when working with me

Analysis & conception

Before the first ad goes online, I analyze the potential of your shop and the products to be sold. We then work closely together to develop a targeted strategy.

Test & learn

Through my experience of the last 8 years, I am able to align your campaigns in the best possible way. However, since every shop is different, I attach great importance to testing many elements and using the experiences of the first test campaigns to build even more efficient campaigns for the future. 

Results & Scaling

The first sales are here! Time for a joint conclusion and a little party. We go through the current figures in regular meetings and decide the next steps together. Long-term cooperation is very important to me and no matter where there is a problem, in joint meetings we tackle the issues that are necessary for your successful scaling.


Known from

More sales & more customers with Facebook Ads

Sustainable sales increase
for online shops & companies.

Your partner for the future. 

You have questions or want to contact me? 

The best way to reach me is by email at contact@chris-dippold.com

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